One week left

We are counting down the days before it’s time for us to go back to Sweden. It’s a lot of mixed feelings; happiness, sadness, food cravings and so on. When I’m writing this it’s only 8 days left. But for some of us it’s different because we are coming back to continue the project, seven people this summer or fall. I am one of those who are coming back and I am so happy with my decision because I am far from finished with this project.
So, life has not been a dance on roses, of course. Because life is never a dance on roses and I think that’s the good part. If we don’t have “downs” we will never see the “ups”. And if we have downs we can help each other, grow together and get closer. That’s why life is so beautiful and exciting. I can only speak for myself but I must say that we have had an amazing, unforgettable time here.
This journey is far away from over for any of us. This has not been an easy trip, it has been a journey full of new things, new visions, new thoughts, and it has taught me more than I could ever imagine. For these reasons will we not end this journey in May, we will always have the experiences with us. I want to say how happy I am for being a part of something as amazing as this. Makunduchi, the students, my classmates, teachers and people I had a chance to get to know.
For those of you who still think that you can learn more in school by reading and listening, you are so wrong. Someone could talk about Zanzibar, ICT centre and Makunduchi for 3 years and you would still not pick up as much as we have from the 4 months here. I do believe that seeing and doing things in practise are the best way of learning, or at least the best way for you to create your own memories.
That’s also one of the reasons why it feels strange to go back to Sweden because there is no possible way to explain what we been through these 4 months in one hour, 5 hours or 1 day. And all the questions about “Africa”, the weather, health and deceases will never give you the right picture of how our days have been. I can try to explain, but it will never be the whole picture and it can never be the whole picture. So for that reason I will end this text by saying that it has been SO FREAKING AWESOME!

Thanks / Malin

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