So... Time has been running really fast, like sand slipping through your fingers. Now we've only got 17 days to go before the trip home to dear old Sweden is upon us. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that this trip has been a roller-coaster of wonderful adventures and indescribable moments that somehow in some way made us and shaped us into the persons we are today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


Ok, lets not get to sentimental! You might not remember everything we have done (neither do I) so lets take a look in the archive and see what's been going down in Makunduchi!


The first week started off with touristing around in Makunduchi and Stone Town learning about the different areas that we were going to spend our next four months in. We also went on an opening ceremony for the WEP-program and had some days of just relaxing by the pool.



Second Week = first week with the WEP-students! We played a lot of games, visited Mr Ali's farm, hanged out in Teachers House and learned how to play Nage! In the weekend we went to the cinema, on a spice tour, and the food-market in Stone Town.


The third week was all about getting to know each other by learning everyone's name, interests, hobbies and dreams. We also went through some grammar and played games.



The fourth week, also called World Wide Week, Jonna and Elin taught us geography from a world wide perspective. We had workshops, lectures and grammar repetition. The week ended with a wonderful wedding in Zanzibar Town with lots of food and laughter.



Week number five = verb week with Tea and Agnes who taught us different verbs - in both english and swahili - and how to conjugate these verbs in past, present and future tense.



The sixth week was empowerment week with Malin and Elisabeth! We had important and really fun days all about boosting each others self esteem. We sang "The worlds greatest", worked with adjectives and had a day called Studio of Confidence where we played cooperation games, pearled bracelets and painted henna tattoos. 



The seventh week had the theme of human rights. The blackboard was jammed with rights and I think everyone learned at least 3 new rights! We also had a visit from a highschool from Gotland (who has a project with a school in Stone Town) and the delegation from Sweden. The week ended with presentations of human right heroes by the WEP-students. Such a great week!



Week number eight = Student couple week, which ment that we worked individually in our Kiruna+Makunduchi student couples. I believe I can speak form everyone when I say that the week was well needed and that it helped us progress.  



The ninth week Hilda and Frida taught us about women's health. We learned everything from personal health, healthcare systems to laws, STDs and contraceptive devices. One-stop-centre also came for a visit and told us about their work on Zanzibar.



The tenth week had literature on the schedule. We read Winnie-the-Pooh, did listening, hearing and writing exercises. We played games and sang the song from Pocahontas that always gives me the goosebumps, Colors of the Wind.



Week number eleven = entrepreneurship with Malin and Julia! We learned how to make dreams into reality, make a new product of an old water bottle and how to write a CV. We also went on a visit to the seaweed centre in Jambiani, where we got a guided tour on their workplace. 



Week number twelve was the second Student couple week and the last week before our Easter Holidays. Our teacher Christine, who we worked a lot together with in Kiruna before Christmas, was also here for a visit during the week! It was so nice to get a reminder of the past time in Kiruna and how it might be to come back after the time here on Zanzibar (we already miss you Chrajst!).

Ok, that's everything. Hope you enjoyed the recap!
Over and out

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