week 21

WEEK  21 

MONDAY: We worked with malin and Frida to promote PAMOJA festival



TUESDAY: we worked with the blog, after school at the evening we went to gym with Jonna, Christine and Frida. Hafidha practise on her presentation for pechakucha.


WEDNESDAY: Agge visited us and talked about personal qualities.


THURSDAY:  We spent the day at folkets hus listening to Allan Wade’s lecture about response-based practices.  It was interesting to learn more things about gender based violence.


FRIDAY: We went to headmaster then we discussed about MALMFÄLTENS FOLKHÖGSKOLA and progress in school, this school has different programs.



we spent time together with jonna and her family in her parents house, it was really fun. Thank you so much our friend and her family ....Good luck for everythings.
/ Yusra and Hafidha

week 20

 Monday: we started the week 9oclook with a student council and breakfast together with the whole school, we worked with blog post and presentation about Sweden.    


Tuesday: Pernilla showed us pictures of Zanzibar. We did an exercise with “positive things about myself” and “positive memories”. 

Wednesday: At the evening we walked to Ferrum with Marit, Tea, Elisabeth and Linn and played games. 


Thursday: we went to the super market then we watched movies the whole day.

Friday: we walked in Abisko and enjoyed the river, with Julia, Simon, Agnes and Malin together.


Saturday: we went to Linn. We ate lunch and played card.


Sunday: we went to Norway, Narvik, almost all of us to celebrate Norwegian constitution day. 

Thank you
/ Yusra & Hafidha