Last week on Zanzibar


How to summarize the last week in a good way?

Well, I will try to give you the right feeling of the last 168 hours with words assisted by some pictures.

Monday: Last day of school! We gather at ICT center and had the last day of lectures with Maryam who presented the program Excel and after that Tea held an evaluation. We received a lot of good criticism to help us to develop this program.

Tuesday: Excursion day! We took the dala-dala in to Town to go to the movies. We saw the movie “The Book Thief” which is about a girl who loves to read during the Second World War. For many of the students this was their first experience of snow and the world wars. This led to interesting conversations during the lunch we had at Luckmaan. The food was paid by the money we received during the Fairtrade Challenge we had this autumn in Kiruna and a collection Hilda’s mother had at her working place. Thank you everyone who made this wonderful lunch possible. We had a great day which ended with some funny group pictures and a lot of laughter.

Wednesday: Graduation ceremony! The students from Sweden were at ICT in good time to prepare everything before the ceremony which was intended to start at 8 o’clock. But the heavy rain stopped the students from Makunduchi to be on time so we started the ceremony later than expected. But when it began, it was great from the beginning until the end! Azizi was our fantastic MC who made us all laugh in between our own performances. The program was filled with everything from speeches, poems, presentation of human right heroes to a slide show with pictures from these last 4 months. I believe I speak for all the Swedish students when I say that we were so incredible proud of what we have accomplished together during this ceremony!

We ended the program with singing the song “World’s greatest”. It was pure euphoria that filled the room when we sang the last notes of the song. We had a perfectly timed power break very convenient directly after we were done. After the ceremony we went to Teacher’s house ate cookies, played games and had the final round. The question was “What have been the best thing with these four months?”. It was very sentimental but nice to pick out the absolute best things. The very last thing we did was a hugging round and once again took some group pictures.

Here is the kicha class of WEP 2015

Thursday: Packing, cleaning and some chaos in Teacher’s house. We managed to pack four months of experiences in our bags.

Friday: Leaving! We packed the last of our things and had a nice brunch that we shared with everyone who had come to our home to say goodbye.  We packed our things in a dala-dala, said see you later to everyone, laughed at Eminem and Abdull’s crazy pranks and waved as the bus took off.  We picked up Hafida and Yusra and bought the last Stoney Tangawizi and went to the airport.

Before we entered the airport we hugged the people who came with us that far. The flights went very well, no complications at all and we landed in Sweden on the Saturday morning. It felt very good to breathe the cold fresh Swedish air again after four months of Zanzibar’s hot and moist air. After that we split up and went home to our different parts of Sweden to see our family and friends.

I had a very nice week of in my home town with a lot of food and nice people.

Monday: It is great to be back together with everyone in Kiruna again. So nice to hear what everyone has been up to during the break.

 We have now started to work with the Pamoja Festival. We have split up in different groups and started to fix all the practical things. There are a lot of things that has to be done but we are going to work really hard to make this the best festival ever!

But we really miss our Makunduchi family and it is very cold here compared to the heat in the computer room at ICT!

All the best,


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