"Ant" A story by Mwanahamis Iddi Pandu


Once upon time there was an ant that lived together with a baboon in a water hole. 

The name of the ant is Chungwi and it has one child named Goat who also happens to be a goat. The ant is 13 years old and it works with making clothes.

Chungwi really likes people and it often travels to Makunduchi to check out people.

In the future it wants to work as a doctor to help other animals.

One day it went to the forest to find food and to meet some animals. In the forest Chungwi met animals that were sick, a dog, a cow and his friend the baboon who he loved very much.

Chungwi started to help the animals by giving them medicine so that they could get well. Thanks to the heroic ant all the animals survived and they lived happily ever after. 

The end.

/ Mwanahamis Iddi Pandu

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