Karibu Kigeni!

I onsdags kom Kigeni hit och hon är en av lärarna på skolan i Zanzibar som vi ska till snart så nedan följer en intervju med henne på engelska!

This week Kigeni, who's one of the teachers in Zanzibar, arrived in Kiruna and are going to be with us in school and have extra swahili lessons with us and make us as prepared as we can be! Here's a short interview with her so you can get to know her:

Hujambo Kigeni!
How was the trip here?
I was afraid because it was my first time on a plane, but it went good.
For how long have you been a teacher at ICT? (the school in Zanzibar)
For three years, two years at WEP.
What do you like to do in Zanzibar?
To cook and eat food! And to teach.
What is your dreams?
To be a good teacher or to be a superstar actress!
Tell us more about your acting please!
I've been acting in two films in Zanzibar and I also like to sing.
How do you think your future will look like?
Zanzibar is important for me so I want to live there, and continue as a teacher. And my plan is to have five children in the future!
How was it to ride the kick-sled in the snow yesterday?
It was fun but very difficult because it was the first time for me.
What do you think about the snow?
I don't like it! It's too cold, but it's also very beautiful.
What do you think about our swahili-skills? 
Hm.. You need more practice hahahah!
Are you looking forward to celebrate Christmas in Sweden?
Yes! It will be good, I´m excited because it´s my first Christmas. 
Kigeni to the left and Sofia to the right!
/Maja and Sofia

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