Eid Al-Hajj

Studentene i Makunduchi fortsetter med å gjøre forskjellige oppgaver hver uke som de presenterer hver fredag. I forrige uke hadde de presentasjon om Eid Al-Hajj:

The students in Makunduchi are doing different assignments every week and every Friday the present their work for the rest of the class. Last week they made a presentation about Eid Al-Hajj:
What is EID AL-HAJJ?
-Is a celebration on the tenth day of the month Eid - dhul al hajj .
Why we celebrate.?
-Is a customary Islamic celebration for each year, we remember and honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his promised son.
-We decorate our house, we wear beautiful clothes and we eat nice food, breakfast and lunch. Then in the evening we go to the garden to rest.
-After muslims complete Hijja (travell to the holy city Mecca) and when they come back to different countries.
 -Students of WEP